Float fishing for Steelhead

Fishing is my hobby and I recently upgraded my phone to an iphone 6 plus, with my old phones I had a few incidents where I dropped the phone in the river and learnt from that experience that I would need a case that would be waterproof and drop proof,so after doing a lot of research I decided to buy the dog & bone case,I went fishing last weekend and landed this beautiful steelhead and guess what I ended up dropping my phone in 2 ft of water I was shocked at first but when I picked the phone up I checked it and it all seems fine,now it as been a few days later and I have yet to have issues with the phone ,I am glad I spent the money on the case and it saved my day,the dog & bone is a great product I would recommend it to anyone looking for a case that does the what its suppose to be,the picture of me is after dropping the phone in the water.


Wetsuit iPhone 6S Plus/6 Plus waterproof rugged case - Electric Orange
Phone Model
iphone 6 plus
Date Taken
18 May 2015
Southern Ontario Canada
18 May
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Float fishing for Steelhead
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