We got it! The new iPhone 7

Apple's shiny new iPhone 7 & 7 Plus hit stores today. And here, Dog & Bone checks out the new devices.

The annual iPhone rush is on. There were the usual cries of joy and disappointment as Apple fans -- some whom had been waiting in line for days -- exited stores with or without their chosen handset. Some stores ran out of the iPhone 7 Plus and Jet Black models early as stocks were limited for fans whom braved all weather conditions. Dog & Bone got their hands on both the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus and take a first look.

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16 Sep

Obsessed with Gadgets? You’re not alone!

Apple has announced its latest iPhone. Will you be running to the store for your next gadget fix?

In today’s modern world we are increasingly obsessed with the latest gadget or gizmo. Case in point – the yearly frenzy around Apple’s iPhone release –fresh in our minds from this week’s iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus announcement.

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9 Sep

How the iPhone has changed! Then & Now: 2007-2016

The new Apple iPhone is coming. How far has the classic handset come since its debut?

The iPhone was launched in 2007 with a 3.5 inch display and a 2 megapixel camera. In 2016 the much-loved device boasts a 12 megapixel camera -- dual system in the Plus version -- with a minimum 34 per cent increase in the display. Here Dog & Bone takes a stroll down memory lane to see how much the iPhone has changed over the years.

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8 Sep
pokemon go pikachu 1024x576

How to Avoid a Pokémon Go Disaster!

Heading out to hunt Pokémon? Here's 3 TIPS to avoid a Pokémon Go Disaster.

Pokémania is sweeping the nations  Pokémon Go has been released in. Pokémon hunting is the new Black. This phenomenon has resulted in some truly weird mishaps and accidents for the hunters dedicated to catching all the game's creatures. From falling into a river to crashes, to dropped and dead phones, even illegally crossing borders -- the Pokémon Go world is chaotic one. Yet, you can avoid a Pokémon Disaster while enjoying the hunt, and here's HOW.

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3 Aug
Fathers Day banners fish

Techie Gifts Your Dad Will Love!

Stuck on what to buy your Dad for Father's Day? Check out this cool tech that will give you 'best child ever' status.

Avoid the standard socks and tie and give your Dad a gift he will truly love this Father's Day. Say, 'You are the Greatest Dad Ever' with some awesome tech to make this year's Father's Day really special. Here are Dog & Bone's top tech picks for all Dads, whatever their interests or passion.

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14 Jun

Must-have tech for your mid-year Vacation

Thinking of taking a mid-year vacation? Check out this must-have technology for your travel bag.

Time for the mid-year holiday in the sun or on the slopes! Not sure what to pack? Whether lazing by the pool, swimming in the tropics or hurtling down the slopes, ensure your smartphone is adventure ready with a waterproof rugged case. Here Dog & Bone looks at the ideal holiday companion.

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10 Jun
dog bone1girl1

15 Questions with Allie McCann

Canadian university student Allie McCann will spend the Spring taking on the challenge of hiking 300-miles of the Appalachian Trail. Dog & Bone's Wetsuit Impact iPhone case will be there every step of the journey.

In the great outdoors a smartphone is a must-have. It's your communication device, your video, your camera, GPS, your means to checking weather reports, your guidebook and entertainment centre all-in-one. To take on the Appalachian Trail, Allie needed a durable, all-weather smartphone case to provide water, drop, dirt and shock proof protection. She packed Dog & Bone's Wetsuit Impact waterproof rugged case to provide peace of mind, ensure her phone lasted the distance and to record her adventure all the way.

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4 May
800px 2007Computex e21Forum MartinCooper

Call Me… 43 years on from the 1st mobile phone call

It was 43 years ago on April 3, 1973 that Martin Cooper made the first mobile phone call. Dog & Bone takes a stroll down memory lane.

There is no doubt of the many technological advancements of the 21st Century the mobile phone is the one that has fundamentally changed the way we live. Today mobile phones are not a luxury but a must have, impacting upon all aspects our daily lives. And the mobile revolution all began with a 'prank call' from one engineer to their chief competitor 43 years ago.

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1 Apr
poolside deck

A protective Splash for the Samsung Galaxy S7

Need protection for your Samsung Galaxy S7? Say hello to Dog & Bone's Splash!!

You've splashed out on Samsung's desirable new smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S7. Now live life to the fullest and keep your phone protected from drops, scratches and damage while doing it. Dog & Bone's Splash for the Galaxy S7 provides 360-degrees of drop protection and peace of mind in a slim and stylish form factor.

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23 Feb
valentine wi pic

4 Cool Tech Gifts to Say, 'I LOVE YOU'

Not sure what to buy your 'special someone' this Valentine's Day? Check out this cool tech which will give you perfect partner status.

Give your significant other something different to celebrate your love on Valentine's Day . Avoid the usual flowers, chocolates and socks, and say 'I Love You' with awesome gifts to make this Valentine's Day extra special. Dog & Bone shares its non-traditional gift ideas that scream longevity, adventure and romance.

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8 Feb





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